Security and Compliance training for Freshdesk users
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Security and Compliance training
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Frequently Asked Questions

Once your register, you get access the SecurityAdvisor’s cloud based platform where you can manage the security awareness for your Customer Service professionals.

Click here to create an account with us. The account will enable you to have full access to our catalog of training modules for customer service professionals. We will generate a unique URL for your account for each training modules. Once you have the URL, you can distribute to your customer service professionals and they will be able to self-register and take the training.

You can also request custom training content focused on compliance or cybersecurity.

You can log into your account and see which users have taken which training modules, how much time they spent on these modules and how they scored in the different assessments inside the module.

Do encourage your users to enter the right email address while taking the training module to ensure that they get the right certificates.

Drop us a note at and we will get back to you.